Let's press pause


Let's ask ourselves, do we really need all that?

It's seasonal sale season, and overconsumption is at an all-time high. The hysteria surrounding this time of year creates a false mentality encouraging us to buy what we don't need. And worse, recent studies find Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be the most polluting holidays yet, with 80% of purchases going to landfills after just one or zero uses.

The plus side? We have the power to make a change! Let's pause the frenzy, take a step back, and ask ourselves: "Do I really need all that?"

Let's buy less and buy better

At Colorful Standard, there is no "one-day-only" or "get it before it's gone!" You can pause, take a breather, and think it over. If you decide to come back, we'll have the same items waiting for you for the same price. No rush, no impulse scenario, no overconsumption.

Let's pause, look at the facts, question the status quo, and avoid the pressures of overconsumption. Let's buy less and buy better.

Let's hear from our Colorful Community

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"If I can, in any way, influence people to take overconsumption seriously, I will."

Bamba, 28, Real estate agent & muay thai fighter

"We all should all be prioritizing quality over quantity."

Chris, 18, Student & model

"I want a better tomorrow for my son."

Jemima, 25, Mother

"It’s important to remind people that we already have enough."

Ivan, 26, Musician

"I really want to contribute to saving the planet."

Naomi, 32, Student

"Constant sales are bad news for the environment."

Sophia, 25, Sales Associate, Fitness Instructor

Together, let's change the standards.