Why climate-positive?

To phrase as simply as possible, the fashion industry sucks, and there is no hiding that. As one of the top industries contributing to climate change, we decided that it isn't enough to be a brand that reduces carbon emissions, but instead, works to cancel them out. 

We’ve taken on a series of projects from around the world, that help create a better tomorrow for the planet, and also support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our climate-positive initiatives: 

1. Planting trees in Mozambique, Madagascar, and Nicaragua 

2. Protecting and restoring the Pacific Coast of Colombia

3. Climate-positive workforce

Restoring a thriving ecosystem through trees

Trees are one of the best tools we have in removing carbon pollution and fighting our planet’s climate crisis. At Colorful Standard, we plant a tree for each order and newsletter sign-up we receive. 

Our trees are planted in three main locations: Mozambique, Madagascar, and Nicaragua. By planting trees in these areas, we will effectively reforest land that was either degraded, destroyed, or illegally deforested. Within these areas we will be replanting different species of native trees including Mangrove, Acacia, Mahogany, and rain trees. With this we hope to restore a thriving ecosystem.   

Each tree takes about 10 years before it can sequester carbon in large quantities enough to offset our carbon footprint. That's why we must work together, and act now!

A hectare of mangroves can sequester 3082 tonnes of CO2 over a 25-year lifetime. Or 308KG per tree.

Protecting and restoring the Pacific Coast of Colombia

As home to thousands of plant and animal species, The Pacific Region of Colombia hosts close to 10% of the planet’s biodiversity. The forests in this region, specifically, are an important source of income for local families and help our planet absorb and hold carbon. However, these same forests are shrinking at a continuous rate due to illegal logging and deforestation. 

In an effort to mitigate climate change, reduce deforestation, and help the local community, we have taken on this project in the Chocó-Darién bioregion, protecting and restoring 83,452 hectares of land. 

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Climate-positive workforce

But our Climate-Positive initiatives run locally as well. Our final initiative is to offset the carbon-footprint of our employees’ entire carbon footprint. This includes time spent at work, business travel, as well as their time spent outside of work.   

We have done so by paying a monthly fee for each and every Colorful Standard employee, which equates to offsetting 14 tons of CO2 per person, with the average person consuming 10 tons per year. 

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